A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Come and try !

We just developed a tiny game with my classroom under Godot 3.1 Mono.

Entirely coded in C#, all assets are either used from Alltp (mainly the tileset) with some propers modifications, or created from scratch. We used Aseprite as graphics editor, fits perfectly our needs.

Music are made from GarageBand, and sound FX with BFXR and audacity, and some others with GarageBand also.

The dev team are from age 7 to 13, they mostly did everything on their own under my supervision. I think they did great for a first C# Project, 3 hours a week every week for almost 6 month, not so bad.

Game is still in development, it needs some updates, no options at all ATM, and we skipped a lot of functionality to have a preview release.

Give us your reviews, it will be cool.

Thanks ;)

*Update 04/28/2019 : Some bug fixes with collisions.

Install instructions

Simply extract and launch the executable, you probably already know how to do it ^^.


SnowAdventureWin_0_2.zip 23 MB
SnowAdventureOSX_0_2.zip 26 MB
SnowAdventureLinux_0_2.zip 35 MB

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